CAP was founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete, not the sport. CAP has developed the patented RAM 4 Concussion Prevention, the only solution in the world designed to prevent concussions before they occur. The bottom line is that our athletes need an entirely new method of condition to be resistant to the demand of their sport. Backed by third party research we can change how an athlete handles an impact to reduce the risk of concussion or brain damage caused by repetitive impacts.

The goal behind all of our CAP Programs is to put control in the hands of coaches, athletes, clinicians, and all stakeholders to reduce concussion risk and brain damage and, to gather valuable data for new, practical research studies, products, protocols, and treatments.

CAP is designed to be an integral part of the athlete’s brain plan for concussion prevention throughout their sports career.



CAP Programs are developed with all stakeholders in mind: the parents, the coach, the trainer, the doctor, and most importantly the athlete.

RAM 4 Concussion Prevention ™

Patented CAP technology is the ONLY solution in the world designed to prevent concussions before they occur.


Brain Repair Protocol ™

We leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and therapies to speed up recovery when concussions occur.


Cognitive Harmony ™

Personal Brain Training Program ideal for improving cognitive function,, repairing damage to the injured brain, and refining your senses to develop an appreciation for the finer things in life.


CAP Baseline & Return to Sport Testing

Take the guesswork out with accurate and objective measures to ensure the safety of your athletes.


CAP Brain Gain @ Home Programs

Offer endless possibilities for young and old alike, and tap into your brain’s endless capacity for optimizing every aspect of your life.


eLearning Library

Our e-learning programs empower athletes and coaches to take control of their safety and brain health.



Our partners represent elite leaders in sports performance training and coaching across a myriad of different sports.


Our partnership with CAP allows the SDFL to further solidify itself as one of the safest Professional Developmental Football Platforms worldwide and a leader in athlete safety! The focus is on being proactive instead of reactive regarding concussion prevention, awareness, and ultimately reduction!

Garrick Jones, Commissioner and CEO, States Development Football League, former NFL and CFL player

We recently retested our luge athletes following the CAP foundation training and the results exceeded my expectations. My athletes are stronger and more resilient. The parents and I are 100% sold on the CAP RAM program.

Guntis Rekis, 4x Luge Olympian and Head Coach

“I have been a Certified CAP Trainer for two years now completing both the CAP 4 Trainers and CAP for Sledding eLearning courses.  During that time, I have implemented the CAP exercises into my training regime with my luge athletes.  They have been re-tested 4 times and their RAM Report results each time have shown tremendous improvement in their neck strength and concussion resistance!  I’ve also seen an overall improvement in their athletic performance. The parents absolutely love it!  I would recommend the RAM 4 Concussion program to all coaches and trainers for their athletes”.

Guntis Rekis, 4x Luge Olympian and Head Coach

We are very enthusiastic about the Brain Gauge technology being integrated with the CAP Programs. The data obtained from the breakthrough CAP RAM tests will provide new insights into our concussion research. Our partnership with CAP Corp opens the door to a multi-parametric approach to concussion assessment that could significantly improve our understanding of concussion prevention and treatment.

Mark Tommerdahl, President, Corticalmetrics

I have been following CAP’s progress for a while now thinking finally, there was a company taking an entirely different and proactive approach to concussions. The mobile delivery, educational content, and approach to training was impressive and convinced me it was time to test their RAM and Brain Gauge technologies for myself. I was sold and can’t wait to launch these ground-breaking programs in my own gym and, introduce them to the MMA world.

Lee Mein, CMC MMA - Professional MMA Trainer, Fighter Management, Black Belt in BJJ Bas Rutten MMA and Kenpo Karate

‘I began the CAP Brain Repair Protocol after a concussion injury sustained in a 2019 car accident. I began improving immediately after beginning CAP treatments and the improvements were significant. I regret not beginning CAP sooner and I recommend CAP to anyone wanting to optimize their brain health and reach the highest levels of brain function.’

Trevor Hardy, WHL Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Former WKA #1-Ranked Heavyweight Kickboxer, Former WKA North American Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion, Former ICAF North American Middleweight MMA Champion, 2-time Alberta provincial and 2-time Alberta Golden Gloves Heavyweight Boxing Champion

We recently began implementing The CAP RAM 4 Concussion Prevention Program and our athletes and parents alike are loving it. We have always offered elite training, but incorporating the CAP training takes out athletes to an even Higher Level.

Eddie Escobar, CEO HLSAcademy & Certified CAP Partner

The Brain Repair Protocol Tests was a wakeup call to my minute brain alterations, I began the CAPcare Plan and already noticing results.

Dr. Christian Turbide

The Mayweather defensive system has been the secret to many victories including my son, five-time world champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. My winning system just got better! CAP defends against the shots you “didn’t” see coming. This revolutionary program optimizes your durability inside the ring and long after you’ve hung up the gloves.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., Elite Trainer and Former Professional Boxer

It is the first time that such an innovative, affordable system enables coaches to safely and objectively evaluate the strength training and thus opens horizons to utilize an optimal training protocol that minimizes the incidence of concussions in contact sports.

Dr. Hossein Rouhani, University of Alberta, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine & Dentistry


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