The Research will Analyze CAP Data from the Kinematic Response to Impulsive Loading

Calgary, Alberta and Auckland, New Zealand – October 3rd, 2017 – CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation expands their research and partners with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (AUT). AUT is a five-star University ranked in the top 30 in the world for Sports Science.

In sports medicine there is a gap in quantifying the levels of strength to be protective against concussions. The CAP technology gathers head movements in response to a low amplitude force and demonstrates the capability of the athlete to resist concussions when exposed to higher forces. The research project will analyze the data gathered from over 1000 male and female athletes. Until now there has never been a technology available to test the correlation between strength and angular head acceleration on a live subject.

Dustin Oranchuk, PhD Candidate and Lead Researcher, stated that: “By analyzing the relationship between muscular qualities of the neck, and the acceleration of the head, we hope to contribute knowledge regarding strength training and concussion risk.”

“It is known that neck stiffness is a factor in reducing angular head acceleration, however, it is not known to what degree neck stiffness can be improved through training. By measuring the tilt and acceleration that occurs upon impact and using an algorithm that takes into account their concentric/eccentric strength, we can predict how the neck will respond to forces known to cause concussions” added Kim Adolphe, CEO, and CAP Co-Founder.

About Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology, and the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) department is a world leader in sports research. SPRINZ and AUT are the home of several world-leading researchers and graduate students in the realms of physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and strength and conditioning in clinical and high-performance populations.

About CAP Corporation

CAP ™ Corp, a social enterprise that funds amateur sports and concussion research, was founded on the principles that preventing concussions is not about changing the sport; it’s about changing the athlete. CAP puts control in the hands of coaches and athletes at all levels of sport and allows us to gather valuable data that has never been possible before. The CAP program is comprised of the patented CAP RAM neck testing machine, online neck strength training courses, an award-winning, advanced neurological testing system – Brain Gauge, and the CAP Cloud Management System.

For more information, visit us at Concussion Active Prevention or email Kim Adolphe.