CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation, Higher Level Sports Academy (HLSAcademy) and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) announced they have partnered to conduct a 5-year concussion research study. CAP’s patented technology assesses ability to protect against concussions and HLSAcademy implements the scientifically designed neck training exercises.

Calgary, Alberta and Auckland, New Zealand – CAP, HLSAcademy, and AUT have partnered to conduct a 5-year concussion research study to prove the benefits and success of proactive concussion program.

HLSAcademy began providing the CAP Program to their athletes in January this year. The CAP Program was developed to Educate the sports community, athletes, and their families about concussions and neck strength safety standard; Assess ability to protect against concussions and monitor brain health to prevent cognitive decline related to sub concussive trauma and Train to optimize protective levels and overall athletic performance.

The study will be conducted in 16-week cycles over a 5-year period tracking over 100 HLSAcademy U9 to U12 male and female soccer players. The CAP Program includes a cloud-based management system that records participants anthropological measurements, CAP training performance, and injuries that may have occurred.

Enora Le Flao is a PhD Candidate studying head and dynamic response to perturbation, neck strength and head impacts at AUT. She is the lead overseeing the CAP concussion research project. AUT is a five-star University ranked in the top 30 in the world for Sports Science.

“We recently began implementing the CAP Program and our athletes are loving it. We had a tremendous response, when we presented this unique research opportunity. Our HLSAcademy athletes are very excited to actively participate and contribute towards this important, ground-breaking concussion research study,” says Eddie Escobar, CEO of HLSAcademy.

“We believe that implementing a strength safety standard is a major, first step in making contact sports safer for everyone. While there are hundreds of research papers validating the correlation between neck strength and head acceleration, we are acting upon this research. These young HLSAcademy athletes are allowing us to gather valuable data that has never been possible before and contributing towards making amateur sports safer,” says Kim Adolphe, CAP CEO and Co-Founder.

Together, the partnership and study will move the science from the lab to the playing field changing the way athletes and coaches approach athletic training and concussion prevention.

About Higher Level Sports Academy

Higher Level Sports Academy was founded in 2008, by passionate soccer advocate and professional athlete, Eddie Escobar. HLSAcademy was established to achieve Escobar’s vision “building confidence through athletics”.

HLSAcademy develops players through specialized soccer and multi-sport training. Our 10,000-square foot artificial turf facility has opened more doors to Higher Level Programming to all ages, PD Day workshops, Spring Break Camps, the CAPletes Program, Events and much more. HLSAcademy adopted The CAP Program to prevent concussions and enhance athletic performance that is offered to all athletes.

About CAP Corporation

CAP was founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete; not the game. We have developed a safety standard scientifically designed to help prevent concussions from occurring and reduce the severity when they do occur using a worldwide patented neck strength technology. CAP Educates, Assesses, and Trains athletes to extend playing careers and ensure sustained well-being for all.

CAP invests in and works closely with our partners who have proven track records in sports performance training for athletes of all ages, at all levels, from amateur to professional, to implement the CAP Program.

As a social enterprise, CAP dedicate 25% of revenues towards funding amateur sports, nonprofits, and concussion research; while working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

About Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology, and the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) department is a world leader in sports research. SPRINZ and AUT are the home of several world-leading researchers and graduate students in the realms of physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and strength and conditioning in clinical and high-performance populations.

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