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Calgary, Alberta, Las Vegas, Nevada – July 31st, 2018 – CAP Corporation (CAP) announced today that they have signed an agreement with Floyd Mayweather Sr. to implement and promote the CAP Program at the world-famous Mayweather Boxing Club in Vegas and to their network of boxing facilities.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., former professional boxer renowned for his strong defense, is an elite trainer at the world-famous Mayweather Boxing Club and highly regarded for his encyclopedic knowledge of the strategy of boxing. A skill he passed on to his five-time world champion son, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The club also boasts training other champions including Oscar De La Hoya, Layla Ali, Rampage Jackson and Calgary’s own Jason Parks, WBC Champion and CEO of AthleteHub.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. stated that, “All athletes should have access to this invaluable, ground-breaking concussion prevention program. I am firmly committed to the CAP Program and look forward to helping make it available to boxers everywhere with the next location planned in L.A.”

“The number one boxing club in the world adopting CAP is the most significant validation for our concussion prevention program to date. Add to that, the privilege to work with one of the most successful and influential boxing coaches of all time. Boxing is one of the few sports that places a high emphasis on training the body for impacts, so our concussion prevention program made perfect sense to Floyd,” stated Kim Adolphe.

About CAP Corporation

CAP Corporation was founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete, not the sport. The CAP patented Concussion Prevention Technology is the ONLY solution in the world that is clinically validated to safely test the risk of sustaining a concussion and reduce the risk with their sport specific training protocols. CAP’s Concussion Prevention, Brain Repair, and online Education Programs are designed to empower athletes of all ages in amateur and professional sports by providing the tools and knowledge they need to extend their careers and maintain brain health.

The company dedicates 20% of revenues towards funding amateur sports, nonprofits, and concussion research working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

For more information, visit CAP at Concussion Active Prevention , or email [email protected] or call 403-263-8649.

About Mayweather Boxing Club

The Mayweather Boxing Club is the most famous & recognized boxing club in the world. It is the home to some of the biggest names in boxing today along with the Mayweather Promotions (TMT) fighters, who train there daily.

At any time you enter this iconic facility, you may see some of the most recognized athletes and celebrities stopping by to get a glimpse inside and step foot in the world famous gym. Recent visits from Billionaire Warren Buffett to multi-Grammy award-winning singer Mariah Carey, Criss Angel, “Sugar” Shane Mosely, and several others have evolved the Mayweather Boxing Club from a world-class gym to a legendary boxing landmark.

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