Pi pie2

A circle ⭘ is defined as a set of infinite points that are an equal distance from a center point. Pi (π) is the irrational number 3.14… Many great mathematical geniuses have said π (the ratio of between the width of a circle compared to its circumference) demonstrates that a circles true area is unknowable and a circle can be thought of as an infinite number of points or even corners, rather than being smooth.

In quantum biology and Biophysics the geometry of our physiology has a distinct relationship with circles and spheres, of which all matter is essentially created from. The fabric of space-time that Mr. Einstein had discovered, connects us to all other possibilities (anything and everything you can conceive of) through this geometric code that gives potential. The whirling vertexing spirals of electromagnetic pulses that your brains produce could not exist without π.

How interesting that our brains, thus our minds contain the possibility to “create” because of π’s infinite possibilities. Protect your brain, thank π, and have your π and eat it too.