First Partnership Outside of North America

Calgary, Alberta, Ottawa, Ontario, Dublin, Ireland – June 18, 2019 – CAP Corporation (CAP), Axon Sport Ottawa (Axon), and Concussion Coach announced today their partnership and expansion into Ireland.

Concussion Coach has been providing concussion education to clubs, sport associations, coaches, parents, and teachers for several years in Ireland. Co-founder Mark Beakey is a sport scientist and scientific author, who holds a master’s degree in Sport Science and Health with a specialization in concussion education and head impacts in sport. He is a former rugby and Gaelic football player and coach.

Mark commented “I first garnered an interest in sport-related concussion after suffering a number of concussions during my playing career and becoming concerned with the lack of education and management structures in place. We are thrilled to be the first in Ireland as well as expanding into Britain and the European markets to offer the CAP RAM program for preventing concussions before they occur.”

Sean Sweeney, Axon CEO added, “We will continue to expand our partnerships with elite organizations like Concussion Coach who all share the same goal to reach as many athletes as possible to dramatically reduce concussions and, provide better treatment solutions and protocols.”

“Just like Concussion Coach, CAP was first established to provide education about concussions. Education is the first step because it empowers athletes to take control of their own brain health. Working with our sales partner Axon our strategy is to continue to expand our partnerships with elite organizations like Concussion Coach to reach new markets and, ultimately, more athletes,” stated CAP CEO Kim Adolphe.

About CAP Corporation

CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation is a science driven enterprise that has developed a novel technology offering not only a new and complementary approach to concussion prevention in sports, but an important one. CAP’s patented innovation offers the sports world the feasibility to dramatically reduce the severity of concussions before they occur by changing the athlete; beyond the technical advances currently implemented in sport. The RAM Test and CAP technology is the only platform of its kind. This technology measures neck function relative to sport-specific requirements to assess concussion risk, and mitigate that risk with scientifically designed, sport specific exercises, independently tailored for the specific nuances of the athlete. We have developed a scientifically validated safety standard we believe all athletes in high risk sports should meet to lower the risk and prevent concussions before they occur.

About Concussion Coach

The goal of Concussion Coach is to protect the short – and long-term quality of life of young students and athletes. Recognising the lack of concussion education and management structures in place for coaches, teachers, athletes, and parents in the vast majority of amateur academic/sporting setups, we set up Concussion Coach to enable all stakeholders to understand and collectively manage incidents of concussion and the recovery period safely, and now serve as the leading concussion education specialists for sports clubs and schools across Ireland and the first Certified CAP Partner.

About Axon Sport Ottawa

Axon Sport Performance offer a seasoned sales force with elite sports backgrounds specializing in unique technologies designed for concussion prevention, treatment and return to sport protocols. We represent Sway Medical, Team X, performance training program, and health and rehabilitation solutions. CEO Sean Sweeney is a tour winning tennis coach certified by Tennis Canada and an ACE (Alliance for Coaching Excellence) Technical Specialist under former ATP/WTA coach Heath Waters. Director of Sales, Chris Flynn, is a 3-time Hec Crighton winner as the most valuable player in Canadian University history, 3-time All-Canada Quarterback, and Canadian Football Hall of Famer. Our clients represent, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and many other sports in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

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