Partnering with Clinics and Practitioners

Calgary, Alberta – August 27, 2019 – CAP Corporation announces the CAP Brain Repair Protocol program (CAP Protocol), a fully integrated solution that provides a blueprint for practitioners to implement optimal therapies for their patients suffering from concussions and mTBI.

The CAP Protocol incorporates highly effective diagnostics, including the Symptom Tree and the Brain Gauge, a sensorimotor test that provides over 95% accurate cognitive measures. A CAPcare plan is generated for the practitioner by tracing the root causes of the concussion symptoms based on the diagnostic results and aligning them with the appropriate treatment(s) such as ocular motor training, physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, vestibular training, nutrition, diet, lifestyle, photo bio modulation, etc.

Dr. Mark Tommerdahl, CEO of corticalmetrics stated that, “Brain Gauge has been widely used in the military and in clinical research settings. The ability to implement Brain Gauge results by tracing the root causes of the symptoms, aligning them with the most appropriate treatments, and measuring improvement is very exciting.”

The 2017 Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) consensus statement states that, “individual management and return-to-play decisions remain in the realm of clinical judgement”. “We have developed a protocol that will assist practitioners to make accurate and confident decisions about concussion treatment and when patients should be ok’d to return to sport or work.” stated CAP CEO Kim Adolphe.

About CAP Corporation

CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation is a science driven, B2B enterprise that has developed a patented technology offering a new and complementary approach to concussion prevention in sports.

The RAM Test and CAP technology measures neck function relative to sport-specific requirements to assess concussion risk, and mitigate that risk with scientifically designed, sport specific exercises, independently tailored for the specific nuances of the athlete. The invaluable data we gather has allowed us to develop a scientifically validated safety standard we believe all athletes in high risk sports should meet to lower the risk and prevent concussions before they occur.

CAP also developed the CAP Brain Repair Protocol (CAP Protocol), a fully integrated system that provides a blueprint for clinicians and healthcare professionals that identifies the optimal concussion treatment strategies for their patients. The CAP Protocol incorporates highly effective diagnostics, treatments, online education, and a cloud-based management system.

About corticalmetrics

corticalmetrics is dedicated to developing objective, quantitative, reliable and efficient assessments of brain performance, and we have pursued this goal by merging state-of-the-art engineering and neuroscience. The design of our methodology is based on decades of neuroscientific research. Much of this research is based on high-resolution invasive methods that examine interactions between groups of neurons in the brain. corticalmetrics are the perceptual correlates of those interactions.

The expertise of our team encompasses many fields within neuroscience and engineering, and we work with a large consortium of researchers who specialize in many different neurological disorders.

corticalmetrics was spun out of research conducted at the University of North Carolina. For more information, visit us at corticalmetrics.

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