First partner in Toronto to Launch the CAP RAM and Brain Repair Protocol Programs

Calgary, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario – January 14th, 2020 – CAP Corporation (CAP) and the Toronto Athletic Club (TAC) Sport Medicine Clinic announce partnership to deliver CAP Programs.

The TAC Sport Medicine Clinic focuses on the treatment and care of athletes of all levels as well as the athletic corporate population on Bay Street. Dr. Lawrence Micheli is the Clinic Manager and the first Chiropractor in Canada certified in the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM). He teaches other therapists across North America this unique and invaluable technique.

Clinic Director, Chris Broadhurst was involved in the National Hockey League for over 20 years and has served as Head Athletic Therapist for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Phoenix Coyotes. He was honoured to serve as Athletic Therapist at the 1998 and 2002 NHL All-Star Games and with the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.

Chris Broadhurst states that, “We had not entered into the concussion prevention and repair space as we had not found a partner or program that met our high standard or criteria until we were introduced to the CAP team and their ground-breaking technologies.”

Dr. Lawrence Micheli added, “The TAC Sport Medicine Clinic has a track record for delivering the most effective and state-of the-art therapies and athletic programs available in the downtown core. Partnering with CAP continues that tradition. We are thrilled to begin offering these programs to our clientele.”

Kim Adolphe, CAP CEO added that, “We are excited and honored to have an esteemed organization like TAC and their exceptional sport medicine team join our CAP community. We share a common mission to provide highly effective programs for concussion prevention and brain health backed by science.”

About CAP Corporation

Founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete, not the sport, CAP developed state-of-the-art patented technology that measures concussion risk, generates individualized training protocols, tracks performance, and establishes individual safety standards. Our unprecedented data capture and analysis is at the core of all our CAP Programs which include CAP RAM 4 Prevention, CAP Brain Repair Protocol, Brain Gain 4 CAPletes, and Brain Gain 4 Corporate Wellness.

Our motto is to educate and put control in the hands of clinicians, coaches, athletes and all stakeholders to prevent concussions and achieve peak brain performance with the most advanced, proven, and appropriate technological programs. CAP dedicates significant resources to ongoing concussion research working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

About the Toronto Athletic Club Sport Medicine Clinic

The Toronto Athletic Club (TAC) opened its doors in 1985 and has been a part of the Cambridge Group of Clubs since 2011, joining the Cambridge Club and the Adelaide Club.

Located in Toronto’s downtown core, the TAC occupies the top 3 floors of the TD South Tower and offers stunning views of the city skyline, CN Tower, and Lake Ontario. Spanning over 44,000 square feet, this Members only club offers a large fitness gym, Strength Lab (functional training area), group fitness classes, cycling, squash, Pilates, yoga, and a penthouse pool. Also located at the TAC are the Sport Medicine Clinic (SMC) and Stratus Restaurant, both owned and operated by the Club and open to the public.

Boasting a spacious, fully equipped rehab facility with views of the harbour, a swimming pool and leaders in the sports therapy industry, the TAC SMC offers the highest quality facilities, therapies, and treatments available.

The TAC SMC is a certified CAP Partner.

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