Calgary, Alberta, and River Falls, Wisconsin – January 29th, 2020 – CAP Corporation (CAP) and Impact Sports announce partnership to deliver CAP Programs.

Established by Drs. Josh and Gina Cleveland, chiropractors with over 45 years combined experience, Impact Sports is dedicated to changing the climate surrounding contact sports to protect youth athletes from concussion and cervical spine injuries.

Dr. Josh Cleveland stated that, “I reached out to CAP to form a partnership as I have a very special interest in the care of athletes dealing with mTBI. I have treated children as young as 10 who are dealing with multiple concussions from football fields to hockey rinks. Fixing this issue is our goal and the driving force behind Impact Sports. Implementing CAP’s ground-breaking technology with our platform moves us closer to achieving that goal.”

Kim Adolphe, CAP CEO added that, “It’s partnering with incredible organizations like Impact Sports, that have a shared vision and passion, is how we believe we will fix the issue of concussions, especially in our young athletes. We are looking forward to working with Josh and his team of experts at Impact Sports.”

About CAP Corporation

Founded on the principle that preventing concussions is about changing the athlete, not the sport, CAP developed state-of-the-art patented technology that measures concussion risk, generates individualized training protocols, tracks performance, and establishes individual safety standards. Our unprecedented data capture and analysis is at the core of all our CAP Programs which include CAP RAM 4 Prevention, CAP Brain Repair Protocol, Brain Gain 4 CAPletes, and Brain Gain 4 Corporate Wellness.

Our motto is to educate and put control in the hands of clinicians, coaches, athletes and all stakeholders to prevent concussions and achieve peak brain performance with the most advanced, proven, and appropriate technological programs. CAP dedicates significant resources to ongoing concussion research working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

About Impact Sports

Impact Sports is an early stage protective headgear company dedicated to protecting athletes from concussion and other traumatic brain injuries. The “Cal Blitz” is their flagship product for tackle football, currently in testing at their partner institution, Wichita State University. The “Cal Praesidio” represents a massive leap forward in the soft-shell helmet space.

Our first generation of prototype (soft shell) was recently tested at Virginia Tech and received a “high” 4-star rating, narrowly missing the top rating of 5 Star. This made our prototype the 4th highest rated soft shell on the market today. By combining multiple layers of high impact absorbing foams, we created a soft-shell helmet that does an amazing job of reducing impact forces. These shells can be used on non-contact days as well as for: flag, rugby, 7 vs. 7, nines, soccer, volleyball, martial arts etc.

The “Cal Blitz” tackle helmet represents a paradigm shift in the protective headgear space. By designing a helmet that moves like the human skull, we were able to slow, redirect and absorb force in a manner not seen before. Combined with innovative XRD foams from our partner, Rogers Corp, the “Cal Blitz” is poised to make a big splash in this space.

Impact Sports is a certified CAP Partner.

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