We work with, and invest in our partners to implement our Concussion Prevention, CAP Brain Repair Protocol, and eLearning Programs.

Become a Certified CAP Partner and together we can prevent concussions by changing the athlete not the sport!

Our partners represent elite leaders in both sports performance training and concussion management.

Our Mission is to:

  • help implement a safety standard to prevent concussions,
  • help change the attrition rates where concussions are a risk,
  • empower athletes to take control of their brain health,
  • help reduce the incidents of secondary concussion syndrome,
  • help improve recovery when concussions do occur,
  • contribute to practical concussion research that leads to effective solutions not, just, another published paper.

CAP RAM Program Partners for Sports Performance Training Facilities

We are seeking organizations that have a training facility for our CAP RAM Program. There are no upfront costs and partners participate in revenues. We provide an online CAP Certification course, the RAM Machine and CAP technology. CAP supports and promotes our partners to drive traffic, build awareness, and educate to successfully implement the CAP RAM Program.

CAP Brain Repair Protocol Partners for Concussion Clinics

We are seeking organizations that provide concussion management services. We provide a complete package that includes the RAM Machine, Brain Gauge technology, Symptom_Tree, automated CAPcare Plan, online CAP Brain Repair Protocol course, report access (via the cloud-based CAP Management System) and user support.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified CAP Partner contact us today. You can refer your athletes to any of our Certified CAP Partners, or contact us for more information.


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