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“I have been a Certified CAP Trainer for two years now completing both the CAP 4 Trainers and CAP for Sledding eLearning courses.  During that time, I have implemented the CAP exercises into my training regime with my luge athletes.  They have been re-tested 4 times and their RAM Report results each time have shown tremendous improvement in their neck strength and concussion resistance!  I’ve also seen an overall improvement in their athletic performance. The parents absolutely love it!  I would recommend the RAM 4 Concussion program to all coaches and trainers for their athletes”.

Guntis Rekis, 4x Luge Olympian and Head Coach

Certified CAP Trainers

We know that the best way to make a difference in preventing concussions is twofold. Partnering with stakeholders in sports performance training and coaching across a myriad of different sports where concussions are a risk; and education and training.

Concussion Prevention Education and Training is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we have developed the CAP Trainer Certification Programs. These online concussion prevention training certification programs provide trainers and coaches with the knowledge they need to implement the CAP concussion prevention foundation neck exercises right up to our highly advanced sport specific concussion prevention exercises.

The CAP RAM Program is designed to be an integral part of the athlete’s neck training plan for concussion prevention throughout their sports career. Athletes receive their CAP Report each time they are RAM Tested. The CAP Report provides a detailed analysis of their neck function, strength and reflexes which is used to establish their next 16 week strength goals and CAP Safety Standard goal. CAP Trainers ensure that the athlete is properly trained so that they reach these goals before they are re-tested.

CAP Level 1 Trainer Certification

The CAP 4 Trainers online course provides the Level 1 Foundation concussion prevention exercises (Weeks 1 – 16) and the Level 1 Advanced concussion prevention exercises (Weeks 17 – 32). Once athletes have completed this program and test green on the RAM Test they advance to the sport specific concussion prevention exercises and the Level 2 Certification is required to train your athletes.

CAP Level 2 Trainer Certification

CAP Level 1 Trainer Certification is a prerequisite to Level 2. CAP has developed sport specific advanced concussion prevention exercises that are populated in the athletes online training log and updated as they test green on the RAM Test until they reach their CAP Safety Standard Goal. Any of the sport specific online concussion prevention courses qualify to become a CAP Level 2 Trainer.

Be part of the solution to prevent concussions before they occur!

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