The Brain Repair Protocol is a cloud-based management system designed to assist clinicians to effectively treat patients that have sustained a concussion. It incorporates the Symptom Tree and Brain Gauge test that allows us to identify the root cause of concussion symptoms. A CAPcare plan is generated that identifies the optimal concussion treatment strategies for your patients.

The CAPcare plan is a guide for clinicians in addition to your current treatment protocols and can be shared with the patient at your discretion.

‘I began the CAP Brain Repair Protocol after a concussion injury sustained in a 2019 car accident. I began improving immediately after beginning CAP treatments and the improvements were significant. I regret not beginning CAP sooner and I recommend CAP to anyone wanting to optimize their brain health and reach the highest levels of brain function.’

Trevor Hardy, WHL Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Former WKA #1-Ranked Heavyweight Kickboxer, Former WKA North American Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion, Former ICAF North American Middleweight MMA Champion, 2-time Alberta provincial and 2-time Alberta Golden Gloves Heavyweight Boxing Champion