We leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and therapies to speed up recovery when concussions occur.

‘I began the CAP Brain Repair Protocol after a concussion injury sustained in a 2019 car accident. I began improving immediately after beginning CAP treatments and the improvements were significant. I regret not beginning CAP sooner and I recommend CAP to anyone wanting to optimize their brain health and reach the highest levels of brain function.’

Trevor Hardy, WHL Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Former WKA #1-Ranked Heavyweight Kickboxer, Former WKA North American Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion, Former ICAF North American Middleweight MMA Champion, 2-time Alberta provincial and 2-time Alberta Golden Gloves Heavyweight Boxing Champion

The CAP Brain Repair Protocol (CAP Protocol) is a fully integrated system that provides a blueprint for clinicians and healthcare professionals that identifies the optimal concussion treatment strategies for their patients. The CAP Protocol incorporates highly effective diagnostics, treatments, online education, and a cloud-based management system.

The CAP Protocol incorporates the Symptom Tree and Brain Gauge technology to provide objective and accurate assessment to the nature of the patients concussion. The data gathered is analyzed and an individualized CAPcare Plan is generated for the practitioner to share with the patient at their discretion. The CAPcare plan may indicate the need for a wide range of treatments such as oculomotor training, physiotherapy, vestibular training, nutrition, diet, lifestyle, micro-pulse therapy and/or photobiomodulation.


The SymptomTree allows us to trace the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing. Once these causes have been identified they are aligned with the optimal therapeutic treatments. Click to read more.

The therapeutic treatments include regenerative therapies, nutrients, diet, lifestyle, and exercises. These treatments have been developed following years of research to understand:

  • mechanisms of injury,
  • the pathophysiology of the injury, and
  • how the recommended treatment heals the injury and the symptom.

The Brain Gauge™

There are eight different cognitive spheres tested – Accuracy, Fatigue, Time Perception, Focus, Speed, Plasticity, Connectivity, and Temporal Order Judgement (TOJ). These spheres indicate communication between different areas in the brain and different forms of possible dysfunction.

Brain Gauge has the unique ability to deliver precise stimulus to exact locations within the brain (without conscious involvement from the patient), and measure how the brain processes these stimuli. Scores can reflect issues other than brain trauma such as nutritional imbalances, specific neurotransmitter levels, or a slow cognitive decline. Brain Gauge was developed by our partner corticalmetrics.

CAPcare Plan™

There have been many scientific discoveries in the field of brain regeneration, however, many of these discoveries are not taught in mainstream medicine, and therefore not prescribed.

CAP changes that! We analyze your current brain health based on the Symptom_Tree and Brain Gauge tests. We create your CAPcare Plan that informs you why you are experiencing your symptoms and recommend a personalized roadmap to heal your brain.

A multi-faceted approach is required to heal something as complex as the human brain. Regenerative therapies are recommended based on your symptom profile and may include any of the following therapeutic treatments:

  • strategies to deliver more oxygen to damaged tissues,
  • mitigate inflammatory responses in the brain,
  • provide the building blocks to expedite the healing process,
  • address cervical dysfunction,
  • modify the expression of the beneficial genes, or
  • changes in lifestyle that result in re-establishing normal brain function.

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