The RAM4 is the only technology in the world that is clinically validated to measure and mitigate concussion risk.

Brooke Eveleigh is a physiotherapist with Parkway Physiotherapy in Langley, B.C. talks about how they are implementing CAP’s  RAM4 Concussion Prevention program.

Here is how RAM4 Concussion Prevention works.

1. RAM4 Test

The patented RAM4 is the only technology in the world that is clinically validated to measure and mitigate concussion risk. While other concussion programs focus on post concussion management or equipment, we focus on changing the athlete to prevent concussions.

The RAM4 compares the movement velocity of the torso to the amplitude, velocity, and rotation of the head motion. The total G forces, magnitude, and speed of the head tilt tells us exactly how the athlete would respond to a concussion-inducing impact. The test results are measured against the CAP Goals (Safety Standards) to calculate the athletes’ concussion risk. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Peer reviewed research conducted by the University of Alberta and Auckland University of Technology concluded that CAP exercises are effective for reducing concussion risk. That is why the RAM4 Concussion Prevention program is paramount for concussion prevention and as a test for return to sport-work.

The RAM4 is clinically validated by the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering (CSME) and backed by peer reviewed research conducted by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the University of Alberta (U of A). The AUT research is published in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation and the U of A research is published in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Rouhani and his team at the U of A conducted independent research to demonstrate the RAM4’s efficiency in reducing the risk of concussion. Specifically, they studied the contribution of individual neck muscles on the reduction of angular head acceleration in simulated sports contact. They successfully identified the optimal ratio of strength between muscle groups in the neck that optimize concussion resistance. This research was presented at CSME International Congress 2018 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

2. RAM Report Online

RAM4 Reports are accessed online and provide a detailed analysis of the athlete’s neck function, strength, and concussion risk. These reports offer both coaches and athletes invaluable data to continually improve concussion resistance.

As athletes achieve higher resistance to concussions, the percentage change is tracked and, they are tested at progressively higher impact forces. New sport-specific training exercises are introduced once athletes complete the CAP Foundation Training cycle.

3. CAP Exercises

Not all training is equally effective at reducing concussion risk. Distinct qualities of strength must be developed to have functional carryover. That is why RAM4 testing is so important! CAP exercises are proven to reduce concussion risk and easily implemented just twice a week for ten to fifteen minutes. CAP exercises also offer other performance benefits; notably, improved sprinting, slapshots, ball heading, overall torso strength and balance.

4. Education

CAP provides eLearning courses to educate athletes and coaches about our foundational and advanced sport specific exercises to ensure successful implementation.

The CAP 4 ALL eLearning course is included for athletes participating in the RAM4 Concussion Prevention program. Trainers must complete the CAP 4 Trainer certification course. CAP courses are available on all devices in over 100 languages.

5. Software as a Service Platform

Each Certified CAP Partner has their own PIPEDA or HIPPA compliant, branded server, and dashboard. The SaaS platform is completely scalable and provides world class cyber security. Athletes can sign in to access their RAM4 Reports and take CAP courses.

Partners have administrator access to:

• Manage and add athletes,

• Access reports, and

• Access CAP courses and certificates.

The unique data we collect in collaboration with our partners is used both internally and externally to conduct concussion research. The goal is to continually improve our solutions for concussion prevention and brain health working closely with industry experts.


Applying force to muscles in order to determine their structural integrity has its roots in the muscle testing techniques from physiotherapy. A muscle is put into a position of contraction that isolates its function and manual pressure is applied to evaluate the strength and function of that muscle. This is a very specific force tested on an isolated target.

This concept was expanded in 1988 by Lois Klatt, PhD, who developed a simple jump test that adds a sudden load throughout many muscular chains in the body. Depending on how the athlete reacts, you can identify the weakest muscle in the kinetic chain. This is a general force applied to reveal a specific weakness.

The patented RAM4 technology compares the movement velocity of the torso to the amplitude, velocity, and rotation of the head motion. The total G forces along with the magnitude of the head tilt and speed that occurs provides invaluable insight.

  1. A low velocity impact combined with our sensor technology allows a microscopic view of the mechanics created during simulated contact. The rad/s (range of angular velocity, ω) combined with the magnitude of acceleration over time (in milliseconds) tells us exactly how the athlete will respond to a concussion inducing impact.
  2. We can validate the effectiveness of our training. Specifically, how extensor and flexor musculature affect a broad spectrum of strength qualities that allow the deceleration of head and neck mass.
  3. The milliseconds the head tilt is reversed identifies reflex speed and acts as a predictor of trauma to the deep cervical musculature. It is also highly correlated with the athlete’s ability to stabilize higher loads of impact.
  4. Identify whether an athlete’s readiness to return to sport – work.

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