Patented CAP technology is the ONLY solution in the world designed to prevent concussions before they occur.

One Concussion is One Concussion Too Many!

Here’s how the RAM 4 Concussion Prevention Program works.

1. RAM Test

The RAM Machine is the only technology in the world that can measure neck strength and function relative to sport performance. It safely tests the athletes concussion risk simulating an actual sports impact to establish the athlete’s concussion risk.

One measurement the RAM Test provides is the chain reaction stemming from the perception of the impulse in the vestibular system to the biomechanical response that is observed.

The CAP technology calculates the athletes vestibular and neurological reflex speeds’ contribution to the observed response during the RAM Test and the requirements for concussion prevention. This algorithm is one of the many biometric algorithms used to establish the athletes individual CAP Safety Standard.

Research conducted at the University of Alberta was presented at The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) International Congress 2018 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

The RAM machine and CAP technology was clinically validated by the CSME to safely test the risk of sustaining a concussion. The U of A research concluded that this technology was useful to evaluate the effect of neck strength on head injury caused by collisions during North American football, ice-hockey, soccer and other contact sports.

Dr. Rouhani and his team conducted independent research to demonstrate the RAM Tests’ efficiency in reducing the risk of concussion.

Specifically they studied the contribution of individual neck muscles on the reduction of angular head acceleration in simulated sports contact. They successfully identified the optimal ratio of strength between muscle groups that strength training should strive to achieve to reduce angular acceleration in common scenarios of impact.

2. RAM Report

The RAM Report can be accessed by the athlete or coach by signing into their account signs into the CAP website. It provides a detailed analysis of the athletes RAM test performance, neck strength, and the normative value (a healthy range).

Athletes are re-tested approximately following their 16-week training cycle and a new RAM Report is generated to assess performance and set new training goals.

Athletes can track and monitor their own progress with the online training log by signing into the CAP website.

As athletes are re-tested and show higher resistance they are tested at progressively higher impact forces and narrower performance ranges.

New sport-specific training exercises are introduced (level 2) once athletes exceed the CAP foundation exercises ensuring continually higher resistance levels to concussions.

To ensure athletes reach and maintain their CAP Safety Standard, once they exceed level 2, specialized exercises are populated in their online training log which they can access by signing in to the CAP website.

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3. Training Goals

Not all strength training is equal or effective at reducing concussions. The qualities of strength must be developed through exercises trained in specific ways to have the functional carryover for sports protection.

CAP training exercises are scientifically designed for maximum carryover for different contact sports. As the athlete progresses through their sports career, their training progresses with them so that they are continuously improving performance and protection.

There are many other health and athletic performance benefits gained through our CAP training protocol from improving sprinting, slapshots, heading a ball to overall torso strength and balance.

4. Education

Educating athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers about concussion prevention, protective training protocols, advanced rehabilitation strategies, and other facets of cognitive and physical health is at the core of everything we do.

The CAP 4 ALL eLearning course is included for all athletes when they register in the CAP Concussion Prevention Program. This course provides an overview of the CAP Concussion Prevention Program, modifiable risk factors, first aid, detailed descriptions of the foundational exercises, and the Level 1 and Level 1 Advanced training programs. As the athlete advances CAP offers Level 2 sport specific courses with descriptions of the exercises that have been designed for maximum carryover for different contact sports.

Using a state-of the-art mobile learning platform, our courses are available on all devices. We also keep our CAPletes™ and learners up to date with the latest, and ever-changing advancements in science and concussion research as well as valuable tips specific to them and their success using SPOC (SWIFT Point of Contact).

5. Training Log

The athletes online training log helps them keep track of their 16 week training cycles and allows us to gather valuable data. Athletes can access the training log right from their phone by signing into CAP.

Once athletes test green at the targeted impact force and outgrow the foundation exercises the training log is populated with individual training exercises that are specific to them and their sport.

6. Data Management

CAP is partnered with SWIFT Learning for our eLearning/CMS and cloud hosting services. The CMS is where each organization is set up to manage and where all data is securely stored.

When an athlete is tested all their data is transmitted in real-time to the CMS. Certified CAP Partners have access to their organizations data and reports stored in the CMS.

Key Features:

  • Can configure the CMS to mirror your organization i.e. club/teams/athletes,
  • CAP Administrators can generate reports for their entire organization or individual athletes,
  • All historical data is stored including CAP Test results, athlete training goals, and completion of CAP online courses,
  • If an athlete should move or is no longer with an organization, their data is always available to them,

Our network utilizes multiple internet carriers. In case one carrier experiences issues, traffic will automatically reroute through another carrier.

The valuable historical data we gather is used internally as well as independently to conduct concussion research. The goal is to continually improve our technology and understanding of TBI by working closely with leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

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